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Academic Year 2002/2003

Politics of the European Union

This seminar will fulfill either the comparative politics or international relations subdisciplines of political science majors. It will explore the construction of a common and supranational Europe--the European Union--from its formation to the post-Cold War period. What are the possibilities of, and limits to, cooperation among the fifteen sovereign states of Europe, as they attempt to address old and new problems? Topics include Europe between war and peace; approaches to regional integration, new institutions and decision-making; European identity; international relations with the US and other regions; and public policy. The course is designed to promote discussion and writing skills.


McCormick, Nelson & Stubbs, Hackett, Baum


Midterm, final paper, 2-3 short assignments

Unless preregistered students attend the first class meeting or communicate directly with the instructor prior to the first class, they will be dropped from the class list. NOTE: Students must still submit a completed Drop/Add form to the Registrar's Office.

COURSE FORMAT: Lecture/Discussion


Level: UGRD    Credit: 1    Gen Ed Area Dept: SBS GOVT    Grading Mode: Graded   

Prerequisites: NONE Links to Web Resources For This Course.

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