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Academic Year 2002/2003

Economics: Mathematical Interpretation

This introduction to economic analysis is for students with a calculus background. The determinants of market equilibrium and the level of aggregate economic activity are studied as a basis for analyzing current economic policy problems such as inflation, unemployment, pollution, inequality and rationing.


Textbook to be determined, plus readings on reserve.


Quizzes and final exam scheduled by registrar; problem sets; written reports.


Students may be exempted from the MATH118 requirement if they:
1.) Scored at a level on the ETS Calculus Advanced Placement Examination sufficient for placement into MATH122. (Level 4 or 5 on either AB or BC examination).
2.) Scored on the math placement examination given to all entering freshmen at a level that entitles them to place into MATH122;
3.) Passed a calculus course at another university that is at least as demanding as MATH118. Students who meet the calculus prerequisite for this course through Advanced Placement standing or by taking a calculus course at another university must submit a Prerequisite Override Form to the Registrar's Office. The form must be signed by instructor or by th e Economics Department Chair at the Academic Forum. The form is available at the Registrar's Office. Please note that if you do not match one of the prerequisite listings EXACTLY, then you need a prerequisite override.

Home Page: http://wesleyan.edu/~mlovell/e105/

Unless preregistered students attend the first class meeting or communicate directly with the instructor prior to the first class, they will be dropped from the class list. NOTE: Students must still submit a completed Drop/Add form to the Registrar's Office.



Level: UGRD    Credit: 1    Gen Ed Area Dept: SBS ECON    Grading Mode: Student Option   

Prerequisites: MATH118 OR MATH121 OR MATH221 Links to Web Resources For This Course.

Last Updated on MAR-18-2003

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