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Professors: Jeanine Basinger (Chair), Leo Lensing (German Studies), Ákös Östör (Anthropology), Joseph Reed (English), Richard Slotkin (English)

Instructors: Lisa Dombrowski (Film), Scott Higgins (Film)

Adjunct Instructor: Steven Ross

Visiting Lecturer: Robert E. Smith

Departmental Advising Expert (2000-2001): Jeanine Basinger


Film studies is an independent program of study in which the motion picture is explored in a unified manner, combining the liberal arts tradition of cultural, historical, and formal analysis with filmmaking at beginning and advanced levels. The requirements for admission include a minimum overall academic average of B and the successful completion by the middle of the sophomore year of two entry-level film study courses (see below). A minimum grade of B+ must be earned in each of the two entry-level courses. To fulfill the film studies major, the student must complete satisfactorily the two entry-level courses referred to above, plus the required courses listed below as Group I and a minimum of four additional film courses to be elected from Group II. (Group III electives count toward graduation but not toward fulfillment of the film major.)

Course offerings vary from year to year and not all courses are available in every year. With prior approval, a limited number of film history/theory courses from other institutions may be transferred to the Wesleyan major. Students may become involved in the Film Studies Program in ways other than class enrollment. The Film Studies Program runs the Wesleyan Cinema Archives and its majors run the Wesleyan Film Series. It offers group and individual tutorials in history and theory as well as uncredited opportunities to work on individual student films. Consult the chairman of the Film Studies Program for further details on the major.

GROUP I (Required)

Two entry-level courses from Group II

FILM414 Senior Seminar

FILM450 Sight and Sound or Pre-approved Equivalent


FILM254 Fassbinder & Sirk: Limitations of Life

* FILM304 History of World Cinema

* FILM307 Western Movies: Myth, Ideology, and Genre

FILM308 The Musical Film

FILM309 Film Noir

* FILM310 History of World Cinema, WWII to Present

FILM312 The Western: History and Definition

FILM314 Directorial Style: Classic American Film Comedy

FILM315 Myth and Ideology at the Movies

FILM316 Nationality and Power at the Movies: The Combat Film

FILM318 Cinema and National Cultures in Eastern Europe

* FILM320 The New German Cinema

FILM322 Alfred Hitchcock

* FILM323 Film and Anthropology: Nonfiction Cinema

* FILM334 African Cinema and Society

FILM352 Early German Cinema

FILM380 Austrailia: State, Society, Cinema

* Entry-level courses

GROUP III (Additional Electives)

FILM402 Screenwriting

FILM363 Digital Video Filmmaking

FILM440 Virtual Filmmaking

FILM456 Advanced Filmmaking (Fall)

FILM457 Advanced Filmaking (Spring

FILM401 Individual Tutorial

FILM411/412 Group Tutorial (Fall/Spring)


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